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by Administrator 14. August 2012 12:28

The paper of Strategic Financial Management (SFM) is very important for the students of CA Final. The paper is under the Group I of the CA Final level. As far as the paper is considered there is no specific pattern for the paper of SFM. The paper is considered to be quite unpredictable. Because there are a number of important topics are included in the syllabus. And it could not be possible to know that which topic is more important. But for the preparation point of view the student should practice according to the syllabus given by the ICAI. The paper is of 100 marks and it includes theory and practical questions both. The theory part is of 20 marks and the practical part is of 80 marks. But it does not mean that students should ignore the theory portion. Each number is very important. On internet there are different good forums and websites are available which are providing notes and important topics to the students. And the students can directly download the same for free. Also there are some books available in the market which primarily focuses on the formulas of SFM only. At the time of preparations, read the theory as it tells you the basic concepts. Practice more and more of the practical problems. Do not lose the confidence and be patient while solving the problems. There are chances that you could not be able to get to the right answer in the single practice. But take it as your strength and write it down that where most of the mistakes occurred and then work on it. Do more of the exercise part without looking at the answers and let your mind exercise accordingly. At last it is equally important to give your mind a rest. So do not take panic but practice with more focused and relaxed mind.

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