How To Prepare CA Final Audit Notes

by Administrator 13. August 2012 11:46

The paper of advanced auditing comes under group I of CA Final. The paper is completely a theoretical paper. The syllabus of advanced auditing is vast but it is not tough. Don’t count the total number of pages before preparing for the paper. For a theory subject it is tough to remember it for a long time therefore, while reading the chapters try to highlight the important lines or make appropriate headings and sub-headings. It will help you a lot in the last days of the exams to have a quick view. Arrange all the notes at one place. After completing each chapter try to solve the case studies. Also practice well the latest case laws and amendments. Do not add anything new near the exams. Prepare Professional Ethics, EDP Audit, Audit Report and CARO, Management & Operational Audit, Investigations and Special Audits are some important topics. Also practice with the previous year’s papers and also carefully study the suggested answers. Guidance notes are also very helpful. At the time of taking exam try to attempt all the questions and start attempting the easy and short questions first and then devote time to the tough questions. Do not answer the questions in essay type presentation make precise points headings and sub-headings while writing the exam. Because only in theory papers you get the chance to answer the paper in a different way from the others.     

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