How To Prepare ISCA Notes in CA Final

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Information System Control & Audits is an important paper of CA Final. The subject is studied in the second group of the CA Finals. This subject is related to systems and audit control. For the preparation point of view, it is necessary to focus more on its concepts. Always make notes by self studying the topics rather than cramming the syllabus. As ISCA is a technical subject so once the concept is clear there are fewer chances to get confused or forget. A timely revision is a must for remembering all the points. Do not rely on a single book rather take help from other reference books, notes and previous years’ question papers. In the examination hall, read the question paper carefully and start attempting with the short and easy questions first do not ever try to attempt the long and tough question in the beginning as it will distract you and you may lose the confidence to attempt the easy and short questions too. One thing which students keep in mind that theoretical papers only provide you the chance to make your paper different from others as the practical papers are solved in the same way and the same answer is given. But in theoretical papers you can add your creativity and ideas to make your paper different. Do not just write the answers, try to answer the question by using appropriate headings, sub-headings and underline the important lines. Start answering the paper with good and relevant introduction and also give a good conclusion in the end. Try to attempt the full question papers and never compare your answers with your friend’s paper as it will make you more confused even after taking the paper.

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